Lo and behold, our
Brand Development Framework

Brand development is not a one-shot deal. We help you play the long tail game

Phase I – 2 to 3 workshops


We understand that brand building is a team sport. That’s why we insist that our clients have a base level understanding of everything that we’re trying to do and help them do their part of it. During the workshops, we will teach you ideas that will help you make smarter decisions

Branding is a team sport

Introduction to branding
  • What’s a brand
  • What is brand strategy
  • The race to the bottom
  • Brand identity
Branding tools
  • The importance of social
  • Search engine relevance
  • Digital advertising
  • Offline is just as important
Building your brand
  • The long haul
  • Consistency vs repetition
  • Signaling
  • Case studies
The tactics
  • Do you need an agency
  • Outsourcing doesn’t work anymore
  • Benchmarking success
  • Measure and pivot
Phase II – 1 to 3 Weeks


Before we get to the technical stuff, we need to learn all we can about the company. Through several workshops, we will study your brand and figure out a solid brand strategy to guide the work going forward. Our research project covers:


The team

Who we are and why we matter

The goal

Where we want to go, why, and what makes it likely for us to get there

The market

Competition and opportunity

The business

Mission, positioning, value proposition, values, and brand promise


Messaging, brand attributes, voice and tone
Phase III- Starting at two weeks


Once we have a strategy that we’re confident with, you can choose to hire our in house team to deliver the collateral


CMS integration, e-commerce stores, booking, Landing page, and funnels.


Content creation, moderation, community management, Ads management


Search result optimization, SEO content creation, Google my business, AdWords,

Phase IV – 4 to 12 months


Sometimes you get it from the start, sometimes it takes more time. We make sure to stick with you until you start to see the results you wanted.

  • Monthly review sessions
  • Email and phone consulting on opportunities
  • Social media and SEO engagement
  • Website maintenance and mastering

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