People who care, building brands that matter

We’ve been around the block a few times, we know what works and what doesn’t. This isn’t necessarily how things should be. It’s just the way we do them.


A few things you should know about us

Our team members delivered over 100 projects. from Branding to video production, from web design to e-commerce and more. We learned what works and what doesn’t. We learned what makes projects succeed. It’s the foundation stone of our culture.

Do things that work

Business results are what counts. we do work that excites and delights but it has to get measurable results

Do things right

No cookie cutters, no half baked solutions, no this'll just have to do. We do things right, on time, the first time, every time.

Do the right things

We don't take shortcuts to success. We take the time to build brands the right way and we know it takes time

Do things together

Branding is a team sport. We're not an outsourcing company. That means clients have to do their part beyond paying the bills

Do things with joy

We care about growing our own business. But we are meticulous about keeping things joyful and delightful. #NoStress

Do things for yourself

Our clients matter to us. But we also strive to excel for our own personal satisfaction. We do work we are proud to show to our friends

Our manifesto, purpose, vision and mission

The Obistra manifesto

Things we learned along the way. Things we carry for the rest of the way

Design is about building things for people, with people


Don't shout, people can hear you, especially if you make sense


Simplicity is not a creative direction. It's an absolute condition


No strategy is also a strategy, one that always fails


At heart, Great brands are tools of experession


Your logo is big enough


Great brand Identity is built into the product


Consistency = Professionalism


Quality should never be the subject of any conversation


When you do things right, people will think you've done nothing at all


Never make lists of ten rules. 10 is not a credible number

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