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We are a creative strategy consulting firm. We help brands express themselves and be understood

C’est la vie

Creating a deluxe fashion brand for the new millennium

Casa Aurelio

Digital transformation of the leading luxury restaurant in Zurich


Launching Geneva’s premier high-end Gym

Exactly like all the other agencies, Except completely different

Our team has successfully delivered over 100 projects. We’re convinced that the old agency model is broken. We’re fixing it. We acknowledge that building a brand takes time, so we don’t try to cut corners and take shortcuts. We’ve developed a system for building brands that work. It’s called
The brand development framework


People who care, making things that matter

We’re a team of entrepreneurs with a thing for digital. We leverage creative tools to build brands that matter. We’re not too big, not too small (but kinda on the small side).

Thinking all around the box

We made a few products of our own

We’re not saying we have superpowers, but we have Instagram and we sure 
know how to leverage it to make business. That’s why 
we “invented a few kickass products of our own


The complete Instagram treatment for your business
Better lights, more Instagrammable pictures


The Big Bad Marker


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